He Inclusiveness Index

Admission or enrolment forms

refers to the paperwork needed when registering to attend the HEI. advertised refers to something being easily visible, accessible and/or promoted whether on campus or on online spaces of the HEI.

Awareness Raising & Events

refers to opportunities for EDI to be promoted, celebrated, and campaigned.

A course or module

refers to one subject of study taken during an academic programme. E.g. a course/module entitled Reproductive Justice & Sexualities is one course offered in a Gender Studies Masters Degree Programme

Academic Life

Academic Life encompasses all aspects of educational experience, from academic studies to social life through the lens of gender and sexual orientation inclusion and diversity. This is investigated through aspects of university life such as extra curricular activities, events, campaigns, online spaces etc.

Academic Programme

refers to a series of courses, modules, and/or studies that result in obtaining a higher education qualification.

Academic Programming

refers to courses and library EDI.


refers to groups made up of staff and/or students that have organised meetings and are dedicated to particular subjects, such as EDI.

Direct discrimination

where a person is treated less favourably than others on grounds of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

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