He Inclusiveness Index


refers to the HEI’s building blocks to implement their institutional framework

Policy & Programmes

Policies & Programmes captures various policies implemented by the HEI that advocate for gender and sexual marginalised identities and programmes offered to staff and the student body to educate, promote diversity, equality, inclusion and to build allies.


refers to aspects of EDI that the HEI’s has been recognised for.

Sexualities Studies Academic Programme

refers to a degree or diploma programme in studies related to sexualities that results in a higher education qualification.

Sexual minority

refers to sexual orientation identities or individuals that are generally considered non-heterosexual, e.g. lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, pansexual.

Sexual orientation

refers to each person’s capacity for profound affection, emotional and sexual attraction to, and intimate and sexual relations with, individuals of a different gender or the same gender or more than one gender.

Study Abroad

refers to the process of exchanging or enrolling in classes in another HEI in a different country for a specified period of time.

Support Services

This thematic area measures the presence, depth and relevance of the services that are available to staff and students to promote their inclusion and well-being. In this category, students’ services such as health, housing, libraries, etc. are looked into.

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