He Inclusiveness Index


The thematic area Insitution is related to the organisation of the Higher Education Institution (HEI), its institutional frameworks and mechanisms for addressing sex, gender and sexually based discrimination and its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion for all students and staff.

Legal gender status

refers to national or governmental gender identification


Acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people. This is the acronym that ILGA-Europe use to reflect their advocacy priorities; their members may use different formulations to more accurately describe their own work, for example LGBT*, LGBTQ.

Multiple discrimination

discrimination based on more than one ground.


refers to mechanisms and frameworks that demonstrate institutional level approaches to tackle discrimination.

On campus or in communal spaces

refers to the built environment of a HEI, in its public spaces

Over the course

refers to time: for the period, or for the duration of a given time

Pedagogy & Academic Programming

Pedagogy and Academic Programming investigates the level of “inclusiveness”, diversity and friendliness of courses, curricula, structure of the teaching and other academic programmes.

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