He Inclusiveness Index


refers to a reduced price facilitated by the HEI in order to improve access and opportunity.

Training & Workshops

refers to opportunities for education and development

Trans person/people/man/woman

is an inclusive umbrella term referring to those people whose gender identity and/or a gender expression differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. It includes, but is not limited to: men and women with transsexual pasts, and people who identify as transsexual, transgender, transvestite/cross-dressing, androgyne, polygender, genderqueer, agender, gender variant or with any other gender identity and/or expression which is not standard male or female and express their gender through their choice of clothes, presentation or body modifications, including undergoing multiple surgical procedures


a specific term describing discrimination that a person suffers because they have made a complaint or been a witness in another person's complaint.

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