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He Inclusiveness Index

In this work package WP1 partners will deepen the understanding of the case studies/best practices already identified at proposal preparation and during the needs analysis carried out at individual HEI level on the dynamic of inclusiveness of HEIs.
Partners will match those cases and practices to the specific needs (already identified and presented in the narrative sections above) of the target groups, diversifying and customising across the target groups identified in:

1. Students, with particular focus on gender and sexual orientation (i.e. cisgender women and LGBT+ cohorts)
2. Teaching staff
3. Administrative staff

This WP will allow partners to fine-tune the structure of the XENIA Inclusiveness Index, pinpointing the thematic areas (Institution, Policies and Programmes, Pedagogy and Academics, Support Services, Academic life) to ensure that they encompass the entire dimensions of an Inclusive HEI. Once confirmed the thematic areas, for each “pillar”, partners will identify and develop indicators that allow to gauge the relevance, intensity and depth of inclusiveness at institutional level. Partners will identify existing indicators and develop new ones to ensure that the XENIA Index is able to capture the entire sets of dynamics and dimensions of inclusiveness at HEI level.
Themes and indicators will then be benchmarked against the inclusion dimension of HEIs. The results of WP1 will be the set of thematic areas with the relative indicators that will feed into the WP2 for the development of the index.