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Protocollo operativo per la Promozione di Strategie Condivise Finalizzate al Contrasto all’Omotransnegatività e per l’Inclusione delle Pers&

This is an inter-institutional round table for identifying shared strategies for
contrasting homonegativity. The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia joins the table,
committing to: 1) provide information about how the University promotes sexual
orientation and gender identity protection against discriminations;
2) promote training initiatives and disclosure on sexual orientation and gender identity
issues; 3) promote the use of a gender-inclusive and non-sexitst language in
administrative procedures; 4) give to transgender students the opportunity to modify
identification documents; 5) promote documentation and scientific research through a
constant interaction among the institutions that join the inter-institutional table.
It provides an operational protocol proposed and approved by various local authorities
with specific objectives for contrasting homegativity.
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