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He Inclusiveness Index

National Network of University Committees for Equal Opportunities

This is a National network gathering local Universities’ Committees for the
protection of gender equality and against discriminations (CUGs) and other Equal
Opportunities bodies (where CUGs have not been constituted yet) in Italian Universities.
Their objectives: 1) To compare and disseminate analyses, proposals and experiences
aiming at raising gender equality concerns and contrasting discrimination within Italian Universities; 2) To promote and support research and teaching on gender studies and
career monitoring; 3) To disseminate experiences and good practices, promoting
synergies among Universities and the implementation of common initiatives; 4) To act as
a preferential interlocutor towards the Italian Government and University Institutions; 5)
To collaborate with research centres of other countries; 6) To promote the
implementation of the rules on the establishment of equality bodies and the adoption of
three-year plans for positive actions in Italian Universities.
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