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Report + Support Tool

This tool is for students, staff, visitors etc. who experience or witness
bullying, harassment or sexual assault. It is anonymous and is not official or affiliated
with the police with the aim to create a safe space where people can report and share.
Information on support services and various contacts are provided. You can report
bullying, Harassment, and/or Sexual Harassment.
The mechanism is anonymous, using tick boxes only. You can report on behalf of
someone else, there are descriptions/definitions embedded for clarity. Consent and
privacy are addressed from the beginning. Supports and other mechanisms are linked.
This tool is a mechanism for those who do not feel comfortable going to the police, or
making an official complaint in the university. The tool also allows for data to be collated
to understand prevalence and to consider policy and practice responses. Security and
privacy are imperative parts of this tool, therefore data is protected and private.
It has been developed in line with UCD's Dignity and Respect Policy and Framework.
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