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Campaign Against Lgbtiqa+- Discrimination at the University

Campaign against homophobia at the University aims to highlight the
unacceptability of homophobic behaviour encountered by gay and lesbian students and
draw attention to the violence and discrimination suffered by homosexual students.
Activities include discussion groups, workshops, counselling, camps, social events,
counselling on prevention of sexually transmitted infections, publishing, informing
through the internet and in the field, collaboration with other NGOs on a local, national
and international level that work on the field of LGBTQIA+ rights, support students and
other researchers in their research work on LGBTQIA+ topics, involve volunteers in the
work and educate them, prepare media campaigns, round-tables and sports activities.
Through informative materials they educate students, professors and other employees
at the faculties on homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and other forms of discrimination
of LGBTIQA+ persons and their consequences.
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