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Teatre-Forum per una educacion feminista

A piece of theatre-forum called 'Un dia més' to reflect around situations
that young people are in their day to day life, in classrooms and beyond, which have to
do with their way of expressing themselves and relating to the unequal gender roles.
Therefore, it serves to transform sexist attitudes and behaviours, making students actors
of changes. The objectives are:
1. To make visible micromasclisms or violences in everyday life.
2. Empowering students as an agent of change for a more just society.
3. Understanding the role played by students in gender violence in the classroom,
encouraging their mobilization.
4. Offer strategies adapted to each group to improve the coexistence in the classrooms,
as well as to know an experiential and transformative methodology.
The Foundacion Triangulo is a non-profit organization whose objective is the social
equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender or what is the same, that all people have
the same treatment regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
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