Best Practice

He Inclusiveness Index


La Rosaleda VET school from Málaga (Spain), in the framework of the
Erasmus+ project LGTB at school run a questionnaire called ‘LGTB DIAGNOSIS AT
SCHOOL’ to gauge the degree of inclusion or discrimination aptitute toward LGTB+
students. It is a project opened to the whole community (students, teachers, families
and local administrations) and part of its success will depend on how many people get
engaged in it. The project is still at an early stage.
Goals: to prevent LGTB students' schooldrops, to create a safe enviroment, to provide
students with famous models: gays matemathicians, trans filmmakers, lesbian politicians
etc. Also includes work on the new models of families. Being aware of new family
models can contribute to prevent unnecessary offences or exclusions.
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