International Lab for Innovative Social research


The International Lab for Innovative Social Research (ILIS), established within the Department of Humanities, Philosophy and Education is an interdisciplinary centre for social research. The lab aims to stimulate theorical and methodological discussions, as well as empirical studies, one merging trends in social research: from theoretical challenges faced by new social issues to innovative methodological approaches to understand them. The lab’s mission is to promote theorical, epistemological and methodological advances in the social sciences through continuous exchanges with national and international scholars. The research interests focus on social processes ranging from educational, migratory, identity and cultural processes, to gender, generational and health issues drawing special attention to the social research methods. The main goal is to offer an integrated research system to direct scientific actions towards an innovative theoretical and empirical knowledge of the processes transforming our societies. From the scientific point of view, the centre aims to combine the understanding of contemporary social processes with emerging trends in social research methods which have innovated traditional approaches and have introduced alternative data collection and analysis methods together with new methods for representing information (such as in the case of eP methods and big data analysis). The lab offers also methodological services for the scientific community of the University of Salerno supporting in the research design, data collection, generation and storage, preP testing, questionnaire building, sampling, dataset creation and data analysis.


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