Ozara Slovenia

Ozara Slovenia, the National Association for Quality of Life, is a non-governmental, humanitarian organization active in the public interest in the field of social and health care.

Through various programs we provide professional assistance and support to people with long-term mental health problems, people in mental distress and to their relatives, and we also work towards maintaining and improving the mental health of all residents of the Republic of Slovenia. We pay special attention to education and publishing, and we fulfill our mission through cooperation with numerous domestic and foreign institutions and individuals.

Ozara is headquartered in Maribor and has units on 27 locations across Slovenia. In 25 years of existing we have provided assistance to over 5800 people with mental health problems and to over 2100 relatives of these people.

Almost 1600 users are actively involved in our programs annually, with help and support provided by nearly 70 professional employees, supporting staff and over 140 volunteers.