Antinoo Arcigay Napoli


Antinoo Arcigay Napoli

Antinoo Arcigay Napoli is an LGBTI+ organization engaged in safeguarding civil rights, preventing marginalisation, helping people who were victims of it as well as promoting cultural and recreational activities; its committe was named in honor of Antinoo, Emperor Adrian's young lover.

Antinoo Arcigay Napoli encourages the full legislative recognition of the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex people through political pressure, fosters awareness actions in schools to promote inclusive education as well as in prisons to assist gender-non-conforming prisoners and offers community support systems such as free psychological and legal assistence.

The organization boasts the presence of three groups: Gruppo Giovani Arcigay Napoli, Gruppo Over the Rainbow and Migra-Antinoo.

The "Gruppo Giovani Arcigay Napoli" is made up and for younger people wich promotes a peer-to-peer approach for selftraining and mutual support in a safe place, and organizes debates on several relevant topics, sometimes with the support of the "Gruppo Over the Rainbow", our group made of older people.

Antinoo Arcigay Napoli fosters intergenerational dialogue and contrasts all types of oppressions and discriminations, such as ageism, habilism, racism, islamphobia and homo-bi-transphobia through an intersectional approach.
Migra-Antinoo is our help-desk offering linguistic-cultural, psycological and legal support to LGBTI+ asylum seekers.