Date: 2021-12-03


XENIA project coordinated by “Sinapsi Centro di Ateneo” from The University of Naples Federico II (Italy) will participate in Expo Dubai 2020 to share with the international community the work it does in the field of inclusion in Italy and in the European university contexts.

XENIA project will be presented in a roundtable session "Innovative tools for assessing, mapping & building inclusive environments in Higher Education" starting at 11 am at Italian pavillon – Academy with Professors and Experts in international collaborative projects in the field of higher education.

Prof. Anna Lisa Amodeo from University of Naples Federico II and Dr.Carmen Ferrara from Antinoo Arcigay Napoli will introduce the Thematic Area 4 of the programme “Innovative tools to assess, map and build inclusive environments in Higher Education Institutions” with representatives from other consortium partners such as Hellenic Open University from Greece and Ozara Slovenia from Slovenia.

Other members of the consortium University of Barcelona, University College Dublin and Internet Web Solutions (Spain) will support the event in streaming.
XENIA project deliverables will generate considerable, meaningful and exponential impact as XENIA is complemented by actionable tools and measures to equip HEIs to develop inclusive policies, programmes and initiatives to fight discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation.

The project will involve students, teachers, technical and administrative staff with the aim of improving the university climate by reducing the risk of dropping out of studies and burnout at work.
Expo Dubai 2020 is part of a long tradition of universal expositions. The first took place in 1851 in London and since then, these events have acquired a reputation for being venues that showcase innovations and cultural icons. In fact, the 1876 fair in Philadelphia was where Alexander Graham Bell presented his telephone, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris was built for the 1889 Paris Universal Exposition.

This time, more than 190 countries are participating in Expo Dubai 2020. Each has its own pavilion where it will be showing off technological creations, architectural works and much more.

XENIA will be presented in the Italian Pavillon, named “Beauty connects people”.

If you are interested, we are pleased to invite you to the streaming event, here is the link: