XENIA Project at Erasmus+ days

Date: 2021-10-26

XENIA Project at Erasmus+ days

The 5th edition of the Erasmus+ Days took place from 14th to 16th october 202 and involved the entire community of the Erasmus + Program, arranging events in about 80 countries.

This is an initiative promoted by all the Erasmus+ National Agencies with the sponsorship of the EU.

This year's edition has been even more significative because it coincided with the launch of the new program Erasmus+ 2021-2027.

For the occasion SInAPSi Center, which is the leader of the Xenia project: HE Inclusiveness Index, produced an awareness video against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

In the short video, the rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBTQI + community, represents and promotes the journey of inclusion in the university context, crossing the spaces of the University of Naples Federico II.

Xenia Project started on January 2020, just before the pandemic forced us to stay home. Many places have been uninhabited for some time, and so the universities, but that situation has never prevented Xenia, which reached its mission successfully, from implementing and developing the necessary tools to evaluate the inclusiveness levels within the universities and identifying the main areas that need intervention, with the purpose of ensuring fundamental rights for all.

The video was shared on Xenia facebook page "Xenia Erasmus+ Project"
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