The XENIA Policy Guidelines and Mainstreaming and Operational Manual are out!

Date: 2023-01-06

The XENIA Policy Guidelines and Mainstreaming and Operational Manual are out!

Based on all the pilot Deployment inputs, and completed by the Hellenic Open University in cooperation with all the partners, the two main Deliverables of the XENIA project are out!

The Mainstreaming and Operational Manual purpose is to serve as an easy-to-use and with clear instructions guide that provides all the necessary information on how to embed the XENIA Index in any Higher Education Instituion. Thus, as a reference instrument, the XENIA Mainstreaming Guidelines & Operational Manual aims at supporting any European HEI interested in using the Index and its tools to evaluate the equality and inclusiveness strategies that they adopt in order to address diversity on the grounds of sex, gender and sexual orientation within their contexts.

The set of XENIA Policy Recommendations, that also stemmed also the results of the XENIA Index implementation, target to provide valuable evidence, insight and data for Policy makers to inform and influence the formulation, design and implementation of more effective policies, programs and initiatives to promote inclusion in the Higher Education field.

Lastly, the XENIA Policy Recommendations combined with the corresponding Index, the suggested “Best practices” and the XENIA Mainstreaming and Operational Manual can become a valuable set of tools for HEIs to further develop and secure an educational environment that actively supports the participation for all on the basis of the Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) principles.

You can find both on the XENIA website!